Seresto Flea Collar Reviews of 2020

Being a pet parent has never been a walk in the park because the more you are dedicated to taking care of your pet, the more problems you can detect from this daunting task. One of the major problems is your pets catching insects on their bodies, particularly the bloodsucking kinds feeding on dogs and cats including ticks and fleas that are quite common.

Seresto flea collars review

If you are a pet owner, this problem is not something new. You may be surprised that your furry friends always run the risk of having fleas and ticks on them even though you have been extremely careful with their hygiene. Your animal friends can get infected regardless of where they are playing, indoors or outdoors.

When the temperature rises, the chance of having flea or ticks is even more increased as the heat creates a favorable environment for them to thrive. To lessen your burden of thinking of a solution to this problem, we are going to do seresto flea and tick collar review. Hopefully, after this review, you will make up your mind to choose a suitable collar for your lovely pets.

Best Seresto Flea Collar Reviews of 2020

1. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs


The first thing that impresses me about Seresto flea collar for dogs is the length of protection it provides. It can give your dogs the ultimate 8-month prevention against fleas and ticks. As long as you keep the collar secured on your pet’s neck, it will nicely carry out its job without having you constantly worry about your pets suffering from fleas and ticks’ bites.

These collars are more beneficial than monthly treatments you spend on, which do not guarantee expected results. Not to mention the price of an anti-flea collar for dogs is much more reasonable than that of flea or tick treatments.

Thanks to the collar’s protection span, I have saved a relatively huge amount of money on new flea collar, because compared to other collars that I have tried, Seresto collars’ effect does not seem to wear off quickly. For pet owners with hectic life schedules, who cannot pay continuous attention to their pooch, this collar might be a savior to them as they only have to remember to change the collar once a year.

Do Seresto collars work? You might ask. I am certain that they work very well. The defense against fleas and ticks is instantly activated through contact. The moment the neckband has physical interaction with your dog’s neck, the contained flea killing chemicals in the neckband are distributed equally all over the animal’s body to every corner to kill and repel any pesky insects residing on them.

I am very satisfied with this feature of the collar as it considerably reduces the itching and irritation on my dog’s skin, so that he does not scratch himself to bleed or have fall-out hair areas. What is even greater is that I don’t need to have my pet pressed to the ground to apply fleas treating ointment to his skin. Hence, the flea-and-tick struggle seems to be less painful and messy than it used to be.

I am even more surprised to know that Seresto flea collar for dogs is also highly recommended in curing and controlling sarcoptic mange, which is a highly contagious skin disease caused by Sarcoptes scabies mites. These mites are somewhat more dangerous than fleas and ticks as they can burrow deeply through the skin leading to intense itching and irritation in household animals.

As well as fleas and ticks, Seresto flea collar can kill lice that are equally contagious in humans as they are in furry animals. The flea and tick repellent chemicals secreted from the collar can be as effective in combating lice as in other mentioned bloodsucking insects. You and other family members don’t have to be concerned about getting lice from hugging your pets.

You and your pets won’t be annoyed by the smell from the insecticide in the collars as they are completely odorless. This may avoid your pets licking and trying to rip off the treating neckband. The fact that the collar is non-greasy ensures that no discomfort is caused to your dogs.

A downside of this product is that the label does not mention if the collar is water-proof or not. It is best that you take off the collar when bathing your dogs or when letting them play where there are water sources close by.

There is a chance that the collar cannot cover the entire coat or skin of wearing dogs with a massive coat. Due to the thickness of the animals’ coat, active ingredients in the collar may not be able to distribute themselves thoroughly and evenly onto the skin underneath and miss out some spots. You can fix this by trimming part of your dog’s coat so that the collar can do its job better.

Things We Liked
  • A strong preventative tool against ticks and fleas for dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older.
  • A low-cost and low-maintenance solution to pesky parasites in dogs.
  • Beneficial in treating and controlling sarcoptic mange including lice.
  • Does not give out any smell from contained repellant chemicals.
  • Does not exude greasy chemicals.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • May not cover the entire skin of pets with a thick coat.
  • No warning the water resistance feature.
In short, the collar’s advantages definitely outweigh its disadvangtes. The collar’s function is not limited to killing and repeling common bloodsucking insects such as fleas and ticks. It can even prevent infestation caused by sarcoptic mange while still providing your dogs with comfort and safety.

2. Seresto Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

Seresto collar provides up to 8 months of protection against pesky bugs, particularly ticks and fleas. The long-lasting effect of the collar is a solution for busy cat owners who have to be constantly reminded to change treating collars. With this collar, they just have to remember to change the collar once a year. Such a strong shield reduces the chance of your felines getting infected by parasites’ bites.

The protection span of the collar is one of the best features it possesses. Unless prescribed by the vet, there is no need to bring your cats to expensive monthly treatment. 8 months of fleas and ticks proof also means 8 months without struggling to bring your cats in for complicated treatment at pet clinics.

Do seresto collars work if they are simply worn by your cats? Definitely yes, the collar’s effect is activated through contact with pets’ bodies. Once the collar is put on, it will instantly take its effect by releasing two main active ingredients known as imidacloprid (which controls flea infestations) and flumethrin (which repels ticks, larvae, and nymphs). I actually noticed dead fleas falling from my cat just after a couple of days wearing the collar.

You may worry that your cats get overdosed by the mentioned chemicals. Despite being engineered with continuous releasing mechanism, the collar has a low concentration of repellent chemicals.

The collars function is not limited to repelling and eliminating existing parasites. The manufacturers have gone to all lengths designing the collars to prevent re-infestation even when they have been removed from your kitties. I think the repellant chemicals somehow still linger on pets’ coat that keep defending them from fleas and ticks.

Another plus point of these flea collars is that they exude either odour or greasy chemicals on your cats’ coat. Therefore, the pets won’t get annoyed and try to scratch the collar off their necks.

Similar to flea collars for dogs, these anti-flea collars for cats may not perform their best on cats with heavy coats because it is hard for the chemicals in the collars to sink deep under the coats to kill fleas. And a simple solution to this disadvantage is to trim a little bit of your cats or kittens’ coats.

It is also unknown if the collars can eliminate and ward off lice and mites on cats. The label of the product only mentions the function of killing fleas, ticks and flea larves so I assume that the collar may not be effective in dealing with lice infestation on cats.

Things We Liked
  • 8 months of constant protection for cats or kittens of 10 weeks and older.
  • A go-to alternative to monthly topical treatments.
  • Automatically distributes evenly on cats’ coats and skin.
  • Small chance of getting cats overdosed.
  • Still effective after the removal of collars.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Hard to show the optimal effect of cats with thick coats.
  • May not be effective in controlling lice infestation.
Despite two minor downsides, this anti-flea collar for cats is an effective solution to your cats’ ticks and fleas infestation. Not only it is designed to be a substitute for monthly treatments, it also prevents you from the concern about re-infestation.

What to Look for When Buying a Seresto Flea Collar?


There are a number of factors that you should bear in mind when opting for a flea collar for your furry friends at home to treat their flea-and-tick problem. The following are some elements that I have collected from my own experience when shopping for flea collars. Be noted that these criteria are equally important, and no factor should be prioritized over others. A product missing out just one of the criteria may worsen the infestation in your house or even harm your pets.

Protection span – the very first factor that a standard anti-flea collar should possess is the durability of protection it provides. Too short span may result in inconvenience as pet owners have to be constantly alerted to change new treatments. This is both uneconomical and inconvenient for owners with a busy life schedule.

Even and continuous distribution of ingredients – before the purchase, make sure that it has sustained release mechanism to eliminate parasite problem effectively. The repellent chemicals contained in the collar should be continuously released over animals’ bodies so that they kill and repel fleas and ticks at the same time. These chemicals must be evenly spread out on animals coats and skin to cover all infested areas from head to tail.

Low concentration – this may sound contrary to the former factor. Low concentration of ingredients in flea collars helps reduce cases of pets being overdosed or even poisoned. Especially if you have infected puppies or kittens, the amount of chemicals has to be as delicately distributed as possible otherwise the young animals’ bodies cannot process the chemicals leading to extreme reactions such as vomiting, drooling and weakness. So, do be extra alerted to this matter.

Size and adjustability – when choosing a flea collar for your pet, take your time to consider the size of the product accordingly to your animal friend’s size. A flea collar must fit perfectly onto the neck to ensure its effectiveness. Too tight or too loose collars will also make house animals uncomfortable and try to scratch them off their necks. Remember to check for the adjustability of anti-flea collars. You can opt for collars with a slide style buckle that can be adjusted to any size to fit your furry friends.

Be able to repel other insects as well – since fleas and ticks are not the only parasites infesting house animals, anti-flea collars should be able to eliminate other common types of bloodsucking bugs such as mites and lice. If you choose products with such effect, you are minimizing the chance of parasites being transferred to you and to people having close contact with your pets.

Odorless and non-greasy – be extremely careful with this factor. A flea collar giving out heavy smell or oozing slimy chemicals might be overly toxic and it is just going to worsen your dogs or cats’ flea-and-tick infestation. Pay attention to the label of the product. Try to look for flea collars that are odor-free and non-greasy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do seresto flea collars work?

Seresto flea collars work on contact. Once they are secured on animals’ necks, active ingredients contained in the collars will spread out on their skin and coats. The collars secrete these toxic chemicals at a very low concentration to kill and repel any bugs residing on your pets’ skin.

Benefits of using a seresto flea collar?

Anti-flea collars of Seresto have a long protection period of up to 8 months which is an excellent substitute for messy topical treatment. The dog collars are able to release evenly onto animals’ skin and coats to kill any parasites lurking in hard-to-reach areas. Their effect is not limited to killing fleas and ticks as they are also beneficial in treating and controlling sarcoptic mange including lice.

How to use?

It does not take much effort to figure out how to use a Seresto flea collar. Remember to refer to the label for specific instruction of manufacturers before opening the product’s package. You just have to put the collar on your pet’s neck and adjust it according to the size of the animal. Make sure that the collar is worn with comfort and pleasure, otherwise the collar cannot operate properly. There is another way to take advantage of flea and tick collars. If you are recovering from an infestation, you can try to place a flea collar into the vacuum bag then do the vacuuming. Any lingering ticks or fleas sucked into the vacuum will be killed inside the bag.

How to clean and care?

One of honorable features of Seresto flea collars is that they are low-maintenance in terms of how to clean and care. In case your pets get the collar dirty when playing outdoors, you just have to wipe it with a dry cloth. It is not certain if Seresto collars are waterproof. Therefore, when giving your cats or dogs a bath, it is best that you remove the collar from their necks for a while and then put it back on afterwards. Try your best not to let wearing animals scratch or bite the collar off their necks because this can tear off the collar and damage it beyond repair.

Where to buy?

You can purchase a flea collar for your lovely pets from various sources. These sources may include pet stores, animal clinics and online shopping, to name but a few. You should consider your own convenience and watch out for some seresto flea collar reviews for dogs to decide which source is the most suitable.

What is the warranty?

The collars guarantee that cats or dogs with fleas and ticks infestation will be cured or prevented from fleas and tick of a continuous period of 8 months. Even after removing the collar, a small dose of repellant chemicals linger on pets’ coats and prevent them from re-infestation of ticks and fleas.


There is no doubt that fleas and ticks are a major concern of pet owners, especially for owners having new-born animals. In an attempt to fight back infestation of blood-sucking insects, it is sensible to equip your pets with anti-flea collars. These collars can be regarded as a perfect alternative to many other complex treatments to fleas and ticks.

Buying high quality flea collars for cats and dogs has wracked the brain of many people. After this seresto flea collar review, we truly hope that you would make a sound investment to provide a sensible healthcare solution for pets.

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