Best Flea Collars for Dogs

Uh oh. Your dog is scratching himself more than usual. It could be nothing. It could be a fairly unremarkable temporary itchy spot. Maybe it’s a little rash or something else you should look at. But what if it’s fleas? 

Pet owners dread a flea infestation and the cleaning and baths that come with ridding a home of the pests. It’s a lot easier to prevent fleas from hitching a ride across your threshold in the first place. That’s where flea collars come in; they are one popular tool you can use to stop fleas in their tracks.  

What are dog flea collars and how do they work?

Flea collars for dogs are a medicated collar that dogs can wear for extended periods of time. These collars are only for pest prevention; you would not be able to hang ID tags on them or attach a leash to them like a normal collar. 

Flea collars typically have medical insecticides in them that are released over time. These chemicals may repel pests or kill them when the pests come in contact with the insecticide. 

Are flea collars safe?

Flea collars have been widely used and many of the most popular ones have been on the market for years. Veterinarians and experts have generally regarded flea collars as a safe and effective option for flea and tick prevention, though some pets with sensitive skin will experience irritation in the area of the collar.

Pet owners have recently raised questions about medical complications when using the popular Seresto collars. The company has reiterated the safety of their product and there are no recalls to date. 

Remember to always buy from an authorized retailer; one concern is that counterfeit collars maybe have been to blame for some of the reported issues. You should also always follow all instructions for storing your collars and use them by the expiration date.

Does my dog need a flea collar?

Your dog probably needs some sort of flea prevention! There are a few ways to protect your pet, including oral and topical prescription medications. Over-the-counter, non-prescription flea collars are an easy way to keep your pet protected from fleas and some other pests, but it is always a good idea to ask your veterinarian which options will give you the best protection. 

A few of the best flea collars for dogs

  1. Seresto Flea Collars

Seresto makes flea collars for dogs that come in a variety of sizes. These collars last for up to 8 months and may be a simpler option for pet owners than monthly oral or topical treatments.

Depending on which version of their collar you select, your dog can also be protected from deer ticks, Gulf Coast ticks, lice, and mange.

  1. Sentry Flea & Tick Collar

Sentry also makes a popular flea collar for dogs. This affordable option for flea and tick prevention lasts for 6 months. 

  1. Vet’s Best Flea + Tick Repellent Dog Collar

The Vet’s Best collar uses a different repellent formula that relies on cedarwood and peppermint oils. This product is plant-based and free from chemicals. 

Some pet owners who are unable to use the versions with insecticides due to skin sensitivities give this option a try. As always, consult with your vet on whether this is a good solution for your home. 

You have plenty of options for flea and tick prevention. Flea collars may be a good, long-lasting solution for your home and pet.

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