Best Bark Collars 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Bark Collars

One of the most annoying problems a dog owner can face is their dog continually barking. It’s a headache-inducing nightmare that needs a solution, or the owner will eventually go insane.

Due to this, dog-related companies have started to produce bark collars. The best bark collars are godsends for owners with hyper aware dogs. In other words, if your dog barks at every passerby, there’s now a solution to help you avoid those mind-numbing headaches barking provides.

In this article, you’ll find all the information you’ll ever need regarding these products including which ones we perceive to be the best bark collars on the market. In fact, if you do buy an anti-bark collar, I’m quite confident it will be one of the ones listed below.

Comparison of Bark Collars

Best Bark Collar Reviews 2018

In this section, we’ll go over all the ins and outs of the best bark collars on today’s market. It will help you decide which one fits your particular dog’s needs.

1. SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Collars

The SportDog Brand NoBark Rechargeable Collar is one of the best static shock bark collars due to its unique way of filtering out false corrections. See, this collar uses their Silent Partner technology to determine your dog’s signature barking style.

In doing so, it gets rid of any instance of the collar reacting to a non-barking noise. I find this extremely essential because I live in a highly populated dog area and don’t want my bark collar to punish my dog for another dog’s barking.

Additionally, this bark collar gives me a ton of choices with its three training modes and the ten levels of static simulation. In doing so, it gives me a comfortable amount of control over the training experience.

As a control freak, this sense of control is necessary for any bark collar I intend on purchasing. Another aspect I find comforting is this bark collar's waterproof; therefore, I know this will get through a rainstorm without any malfunction.

More importantly, this bark collar's ability to last for 200 hours a charge is something very beneficial for me. See, I’m the forgetful type and would need a static shock bark collar with a long-lasting charge.

However, the price is very steep and not in the range I would be able to afford. In fact, this product will be the most expensive on the list. And I’m not interested in paying top-dollar for a product I’m at max going to be using for a couple of months.

Furthermore, I still don’t feel comfortable with the shocking aspect of these collars. It’s just not something I’m comfortable putting my dog through. But if you’re okay with the shock aspect, this collar is a high-quality choice.

  • Waterproof
  • Ten adjustable levels of stimulation
  • Stays charged for 200 hours
  • Three training modes
  • Filters out false corrections
  • Most expensive collar on this list
  • Uses a shock

Regardless of how I feel personally about using shocks, the SportDog Brand NoBark Rechargeable Collar is a high-quality, expensive product entirely worth considering. It’s top of the class within the static shock collar market.

2. PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar for Dogs

The PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar is another static shock bark collar with six levels of static correction. Now, I know it’s not as extensive as the ten levels offered by the collar above, however, it comes at less than half the price.

I can confidently say I’m okay with losing four levels of static correction and keeping my bank account from being emptied. Also, this product is waterproof another benefit for people like me who live in moist environments.

Plus, this collar finds the absolute right correction level all by itself. When the barking starts, the shock will begin with the lowest level and creep it’s way up until the barking stops.

With this feature, there’s no need for you to hunt and peak for the right level. This collar does all that nauseating work for you. And don’t worry, no matter what the shock will stop after fifty seconds because this collar has an automatic safety shut off.

Additionally, this collar is adjustable to fit any neck size up to 28in and is appropriate for all dogs over eight pounds. As a person who loves convenience, this collar seems like a great fit for me.

But again, the use of shock is a no go for me. And the collar will only work with batteries specifically made PetSafe. Honestly, I get it from a manufactures point of view, but it’s incredibly annoying.

  • Great Price
  • Six levels of static correction
  • Waterproof
  • Finds the correct level by itself
  • Fits any dog with up to 28in neck size
  • Useable on any dog over 8 pounds
  • You’re shocking your dog
  • Only works with the batteries provided by PetSafe

By in large, this product is a bargain for the price it cost. It has a lot of useful features and is adjustable to almost any circumstances. However, the use of a shock and the PetSafe batteries make this product a non-buy for me.

3. Dog Bark Collar Upgrade 2018

The Dog Bark Collar Upgrade 2018 is the first vibration bark collar in this article. With seven customizable vibration levels, this collar will not react to other dogs barking.

This feature is essential for me given almost every neighbor I have has a dog. In fact, most of my dog’s barks are in response to the other barking dogs. Plus, with no shock, no harm comes to my dog.

Otherwise, this collar has the standard feature you’d find in the two static shock bark collars above: waterproof, adjustable straps, additional batteries, etc. It’s a pretty standard product that comes at an affordable price.

And the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their collar evident in them offering a 1-year warranty to their customers. This kind of offer is always a good sign that the product is high quality, given if it wasn’t, they’d lose a lot of money with this offer.

But there are some drawbacks. The vibration sound is a very high-pitched buzz that can be very annoying to a person. If you have sensitive ears, this might not be the product for you.

Also, some dogs have been known to enjoy the sound and bark more because of this collar; ideally, not what you’re looking for in a bark collar. However, given the type of bark collar this product is, this didn’t surprise me. Honestly, vibration bark collars are hit and miss most of the time. 

  • Seven customizable vibration levels
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable price
  • 1-year warranty
  • Useable on any dog weighing between 11 and 110 pounds
  • No harm comes to your dog
  • Very high pitched annoying buzz
  • Some dogs like the sound

Due to the variety of useful features and affordable price, this bark collar is one I’d consider buying. It has everything I could want in a bark collar, but I’m a little weary about the high-pitched buzz the vibration makes.

Also, the fact some dogs bark more in response isn’t something you’d like to see with a no bark collar. But since this is a vibration collar and their effectiveness tends to vary from dog to dog, I think I’m going to give it a shot.

4. Bark Collar [New Version]

The simply named Bark Collar [New Version] is another vibration bark collar. And it has what’d you expect from a one: adjustable collar, being waterproof, 30-day guarantee, etc.

In other words, it’s everything you’d expect from a vibration bark collar. It’s a solid, run of mill product that will meet your expectations. In a market filled with low-quality items, this collar is a welcome change.

Furthermore, it’s refreshing to see a company back its product with a warranty, even a 30 day one. And reviews of the product seem to convey the customer service was very helpful.

Even with all great features, it’s a little off-putting that there’s only one vibration level. But it seems the collar can effectively do its job without all the unique customizable levels you see on other models.

However, I’d still put this on the con side due to the fact I have a hard time believing what works in one dog’s environment works in everyone’s. And my assumptions were correct, as this collar has a habit of being trigger by other dog’s barking.

If I lived in a more isolated area, I’d put this bark collar on the top of my list. As it does have everything I’m looking for, but I’m afraid it’s not feasible with the number of barking dogs around my home.

  • Affordable price
  • No shock bark collar
  • Adjustable collar
  • 30 day back guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Only one vibration level
  • Vibration triggered by other barking dogs

Due to the dense dog population around my home, this product is something I can’t waste my money purchasing.  Even at its affordable price, I don’t want to go back on Amazon and find another quality bark collar in a week. I want the first one I buy to stick.

But if you live out in the woods or away from other dogs, this product is one worth considering. It’s a great, easy product that will make your life much less annoying by keeping your dog from unwanted barking.

5. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs

Our first spray bark collar on the list, The PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar uses a citronella spray to curb your dog’s barking habits. It’s a very humane and great alternative to the static shock collar.

Concerning this particular one, the 300 to 400 sprays per can is something I find very valuable. I’m the type of person who hates changing parts in mechanical things; therefore, with this amount of sprays, I wouldn’t have to do what I hate very often.

Naturally, I love the fact it’s harmless to my dog. Nothing is more important than avoiding any harm to my dog, and this collar accomplishes that goal. Due to this, it’s a product that’s worthy of my consideration.

But it’s not entirely waterproof. And I need a waterproof collar due to the area I live in. It’s non-stop downpours around here. For this product to work here, I’d have to confine my dog inside, and that’s not happening.

In fact, it’s essential because my dog likes the water regardless. He loves swimming in pools, lakes, or wherever he takes a nice dip. In the end, I’m not going to buy a product that stops him from doing what he loves.

Plus, this product is known to uncontrollable spray in certain environments. With my non-stop rainy, barking dogs environment, I can confidently say this product isn’t a good fit.

  • 300-400 sprays per can
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Harmless
  • Useable on all dogs over six pounds and have a neck size under 24in
  • No shock bark collar
  • Only water-resistant
  • Uncontrollable sprays in certain environments

Sometimes, you have to accept some products aren’t meant for you. The PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar represents one of those times for me. It just doesn’t fit my dog’s circumstances in a way I feel comfortable.

Now, you might feel completely different, and that’s okay. On a product level, there’s nothing necessarily deficient about this product. It’s just not right for my particular dog’s needs.

6. Petown Newest 2018 Version Flashing Lights Bark Collar

 The Petown Newest 2018 Version Flashing Lights Bark Collar has a unique feature that caught my eye, flashing LED lights. I happen to love walking my dog at night because it’s much cooler out.

But, it can be quite dangerous due to the populated roads around my home. These flashing lights would make this a much more manageable event for my dog and me. Of course, this would only be for a short period of time, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Besides the flashing lights, this collar has three training modes (beep, vibration, and shock) that allow you can use. These training modes will enable you to avoid using a shock altogether. It’s merely an option on this model rather the method.

As you can guess, this ability to avoid the shock is something I love. Plus, the four adjustable levels allow for an adjustment of the shock or vibration to the level you see fit.

Most importantly, it’s waterproof. Okay, this isn’t the most critical feature, but it allows my dog to explore his favorite place, the swimming pool.

Honestly, this collar’s only downside is the fact it has a shock feature. It encourages the use of negative shock reinforcement, but I can look past that with this price and features.

  • Three training modes
  • Four adjustable levels
  • For dogs ranging from 9 to 120 pounds
  • Has flashing LED lights for safe night travel
  • Waterproof
  • Don’t have to use a shock
  • Does have a shock feature

Without a doubt, the Petown Newest 2018 Version Flashing Lights Bark Collar is so far my favorite. It has everything I could ask for without being grossly over-priced or require the use of a feature I don’t believe in using.

Also, the flashing lights are just an excellent add-on for my particular dog.  He loves walking around in cool night air. This add-on will make these trips done the high-populated roads a lot safer for both my dog and me.

7. POP VIEW Bark Collar [2018 Upgrade Version] 

While not being the most unique product on this list, the Pop View Bark Collar is a solid version of a static shock collar. For example, it has seven adjustable shock levels you can set to your preference.

These seven adjustable levels give the owners a sense of control over the training experience; great for a person like me who values being able to control every aspect of their pet's life.

But just like the Petown product above, it has three training modes that allow you to avoid using the shock feature. In fact, this model even has a sound option enabling it to function as an ultrasonic bark collar.

All these choices move this collar towards the top of my list. Plus, it’s waterproof and has a money back guarantee. Both of these things are something I value when looking to buy any dog-related product.

Unfortunately, this model falls below the Petown collar for a simple reason; its shock/vibration/ sound will respond to other dogs barking. As you know, this drawback isn’t something that will mesh with my dog’s training experience.

It’s a shame because this product is a high-quality bark collar that is well worth its asking price. In reality, Pop View did a great job creating a top of line bark collar just not for someone in my current circumstances.

  • Fits all dogs from 6 to 120 pounds
  • Seven adjustable levels of sensitivity
  • Three training modes
  • Waterproof
  • Money back guarantee
  • Don’t have to use the shock
  • Has a shock feature
  • Shock/vibration responds to other sounds

Pop View’s attempt at making a top end bark collar for an affordable price was a successful one, but the uncertain regarding it responding to other dog’s barks is too much of risk for me.

If you’re not worried about other dog’s barks, buy this collar immediately. You won’t regret it. It will make your dog’s needless barks go away quickly.

8. Barklo Small Dog Bark Collar 

The Barklo Small Dog Bark Collar is another strictly vibration device that uses a progression correction stimulus to help deter your dog’s barking. In doing so, it makes sure no harm will come to your dog when using this collar.

Naturally, this harmless aspect of this collar is something I love entirely. Also, I like that the company put its focus towards smaller dogs with this collar. Often, small breed owners worry about the effect bark collars will have on their dogs.

By focusing their attention toward a specific dog owner community, Barklo has made it a lot easier for these owners to accept a bark as a viable option. It promotes a sense of comfort.

Along the same lines, Barklo didn’t use this to their advantage and hike up the price. Honestly, they could have easily done this and made a considerable profit. By not doing so, it shows their commitment toward these group of dog owners.

Concerning the product, Barklo made sure to cover all the bases; it’s waterproof, rechargeable, adjustable collar, etc.  It’s precisely what you’d expect from a vibration collar just it caters to smaller breeds.

However, catering to smaller breeds didn’t get rid of the faults many vibration collars have concerning their effectiveness. Some dogs won’t respond to the vibration because it doesn’t have a significant enough impact.

In these cases, the vibration is an annoyance rather than a punishment. Some dogs shrug off the vibration or even like the feeling and start to bark more.

Furthermore, this collar is known to pick up other noises as barks. Even if my dog weren’t’ too big for this collar, that would make this a no buy for me.

  • No shock bark collar
  • Best bark collar for small dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Great Price
  • Harmless
  • Isn’t effective for some dogs
  • Tends to pick up other noises as barks

Overall, the Barklo is a nice attempt at appealing to an untapped customer base in the bark collar market. However, it doesn’t fix any the flaws vibration bark collars face making it relatively unsuccessful.

9. Lovatic Anti Bark Collar

The Lovatic Anti Bark Collar avoids using the shock feature through having seven adjustable levels of vibration and sound. In doing so, Lovatic allows you to pick whether you want a vibration or sound as your dog’s bark disruptor.

This choice is a nice feature to have because it allows you to choose between having an ultrasonic or vibration bark collar essentially. You’d get two types of bark collar in one product.

More importantly, there’s an electronic control chip that ensures the collar only responds to the sound of your dog's barking. I find it refreshing to have insurance the collar won’t activate because of other barking dogs.

As seen in some of the products above, this sense of insurance isn't common among either vibration or ultrasonic bark collars. Lovatic made sure it tackled one of the most significant flaws these barks collars lack the effectiveness of a static shock bark collar.

One thing they didn’t fix is the vibration or sound won’t work for every dog. Neither pack enough of a punch to discourage some dogs from barking. Due to this, if your dog’s stubborn, buying this collar could be a waste of money,

Also, there have been many issues on the customer service side from Lovatic. It seems nobody can get a hold of this company to voice their complaints about the collar not stopping their dog’s barking.

It’s an awful look for a company that did fix one of the main issues with main vibration or sound collars.

  • No shock bark collar
  • Seven adjustable levels of sound and vibration
  • Fits any dog from 15 to 110 pounds
  • Electric control chip makes sure it only respond to your dog’s barking
  • Harmless
  • Some dogs don’t respond to the sounds
  • Bad customer service

While this bark collar had some neat features, it fails in a critical area, satisfying the customer.  It’s a definite no buy for me because of the flaws this product contains. Honestly, it isn’t worth the hassle.

10. Dog Barking Collar For Small Medium And Large Dogs

 Our last bark collar in our list is the Dog Barking Collar. Just like other products in this article, this collar uses a progression correction stimulus to help curb your dog’s barking through the use of vibration.

The factor separating this product form the other vibration-based models is the fantastic price. It’s easily the least expensive item on this list, and it doesn’t lack the features you’d expect from a lower price model.

I think this product is an attempt at making the most cost-efficient bark collar possible.  In this regard, they did succeed in one aspect, the design. It's incredibly durable for a bark collar. You’d be hard-pressed to break this item.

Also, I like how they single out smaller dogs as the best option for their product. This helps a demographic that feels uncomfortable using these types of products feel like a company is trying to help create a product for them.

But in their attempt to create the most cost-efficient product possible, they didn’t fix the issue of certain dogs not responding. In fact, they made it even worse with various account saying the vibration wasn’t strong enough.

Maybe the issue with the strength is why they singled out smaller dogs? If this is the case, it’s most likely a good option for small dog breed owners. At this price, why not try it out and find out?

  • No shock bark collar
  • Amazing price
  • Progression correction stimulus
  • Design made from durable plastic
  • Great for smaller breeds (over 8 pounds)
  • Some dogs don’t respond
  • Issues with the strength of vibration

For me, there’s no way I’d consider buying this collar for my large dog. It doesn’t have enough power to give my particular dog the deterrent he needs. Honestly, he’d probably smile and start barking at a more frequent rate.

But if you’re a small dog breed owner, give it a shot. If I had a smaller dog, I wouldn’t’ hesitate to try it out myself with its fantastic price.

In the following sections, you will find the answers to all your questions about bark collar reviews. From how they work to the pros/cons of each type, these sections will help you make a responsible choice about buying one.

What is a Bark Collar?

The Best Bark Collar

Bark collars or sometimes called anti-bark collars are explicitly designed to stop your dog from needlessly barking. They do this through sending an interrupter every time your dog barks when wearing this type of collar.

The interrupter could be a noise, a blast of air or citronella, or an electric shock sent between two points on the collar. Therefore, you can pick your personal preference regarding which interrupter is the one you feel comfortable using.

Overall, these collars are an effective way of curbing your dog’s natural instinct to bark at things that make them feel uncomfortable. And now that dog companies have realized how to control this behavior without using a shock, I could see myself using one of these collars.

All the Types of Dog Bark Collars and How Each One Works?

Bark Collars Reviews

As mentioned in the previous section, there are different types of bark collars: static shock bark collars, vibration bark collars, spray bark collars (citronella collar), and ultrasonic bark collars. Below, I’ll go over each type and discuss how they work.

Static Shock Bark Collars

These collars are relatively self-explanatory. When your dog barks, these bark collars send a shock sensation between two metal prongs located on the collar. By doing so, these collars are using negative reinforcement to correct the bad behavior (barking).

For example, if your dog spots a squirrel out the window and starts barking, this collar will send a shock to alert them this behavior is wrong. After a while, your dog will begin to realize the shock is happening because of their unnecessary barking.

In response, their barking will start getting less frequent and become less of a nuisance. It’s a quick, effective way of stopping a dog from excessively barking at every passerby. After all, you don’t want to be known as the house on the street with the barking dog.

However, some owners view the use of shocks for training as inhumane. Due to this, the use of these products is a highly debated issue in the dog community.

Honestly, using these collars can have a profound effect on your dog in either a positive or negative way. It’s up to you whether or not you feel comfortable with using shock induced negative reinforcement.

Spray Bark Collars

Instead of using a shock to stop your dog’s barking, these collars use a spray. Hence, the name “spray bark collars.” Usually, this spray is some substance like or similar to citronella.

The basic idea with these collars is the spray is supposed to deter the barking by spraying your dog in the face. The spray comes out when the microphone on the collar is alerted of their barking.

Due to the use of the spray, pet owners consider these collars more humane than the static shock variety. And most of them have proven they’re just as effective as the static shock ones.

This realization is a welcome conclusion for owners like me who are uncomfortable with the idea of shocking our dog. Now, we have an alternative that is more humane and just as effective.

Vibration Bark Collars

Unlike the two types above, these models send a vibration to stop their barking. In doing so, these collars are more humane than either the spray or static shock collar. But they're known to be a lot less effective.

Their lack of effectiveness comes from the vibration not being harsh enough to successfully engrain a sense of negative reinforcement toward barking. Therefore, the vibration becomes a nuisance rather than a deterrent, which effectively makes this type of bark collar less effective.

However, they will work on some dogs, mainly small ones. If you have a smaller breed of dog such as a Jack Russell, this would be a bark collar type for you. But for an owner of a German Shepard, this collar won’t be very useful.

Nonetheless, it’s a less abrasive way of trying to keep your dog’s barking in check. If you think there’s any shot this type of bark collar will work, you should consider buying one.

Ultrasonic Bark Collars

Ultrasonic bark collars use a high-frequency noise to stop your dog’s barking. Although these collars avoid the extremeness of the static shock, there’s an argument to be made they carry the harshest punishment among these collars.

Since we can’t hear the noise, we don’t know the strength of the sound. We don’t know how annoying the noise is or how much it hurts your dog’s ears. Therefore, it’s kind of hard to discuss its effectiveness because we don’t know when it’s correcting.

In fact, this inability for us to hear the sound is the main problem with these models. You never know if these collars are punishing your dog for sounds around them due to how they work.

For example, we don’t know if the collar picks up the neighbors barking dog and keeps emitting the silent sound. Honestly, this would be my least favorite type of bark collars because I feel like I’d have no control over the experience.

Pros and Cons of Bark Collars

Benefits of Bark Collars

Each type of bark collar has its pros and cons. It’s your job to figure out which one fits your particular dog’s needs. In the following section, we’ll outline the pros and cons of each type to help make this decision easier.

Static Shock Bark Collars


  • Extremely effective due to the fear it creates within your dog.
  • A wide range of stimulation levels to choose from
  • Proven to be effective on any sized dog


  • Punishes your dog to the point they become afraid of doing a natural behavior
  • More expensive than the other types
  • Must be charged or have batteries changed regularly

Spray Bark Collar


  • More humane option than a static shock bark collar
  • At times, just as effective as the static shock bark collars
  • It doesn’t cause any pain to your dog.


  • The collar might activate during other natural behaviors such as sneezing or scratching
  • Some dogs don’t respond to the spray
  • Requires refills and maintaining batteries.
  • Sometimes doesn’t respond to higher pitched barks.

Vibration Bark Collars


  • Most humane option among bark collars
  • Great for medium/small sized dogs
  • Won’t startle your dog


  • Sometimes very expensive
  • Great for medium/small dogs, however, the bulk/weight can be too much for the smallest breeds.
  • Sometimes don’t provide enough stimulation to get results

Ultrasonic Bark Collars


  • It has more training options than the alternative types of bark collars.
  • Seem to be more humane than the other options.
  • You can’t hear the noise only your dog can; therefore, the training can go on without you having to feel bad.


  • It seems humane, but due to the fact we can’t hear the noise ourselves, we don't know for sure. How do we know the noise isn’t making our dog go insane?
  • Can be activated by sounds around it effectively punishing your dog more than it’s supposed to.
  • Might overcorrect different natural behaviors because it’s going off in response to other sounds besides your dog’s barking.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Bark Collar

Bark Collar Buyers Guide

The buying of a bark collar shouldn’t be an impulse buy. There are things you need to consider before buying. The following factors should weigh heavily into your decision about which bark collar to buy.

What Type of Collar?

As seen in the previous sections, there are four different types of bark collars. Now, that you’ve read about how they work, and their respective pros/cons, you need to decide which one fits your dog’s circumstances.

If your dog’s on the smaller side, a spray or vibration bark collar should be the type for you. Likewise, a dog owner with a larger dog should look into a static shock or ultrasonic bark collar.

Honestly, the type you pick depends on what you feel comfortable in using. For example, some dogs owners under any circumstance won’t choose the static shock bark collar due to the abrasive method of training it uses.

In other words, don’t feel the need to pick a collar you don’t feel comfortable using because it seems more effective. As you see in the product review section, there are sufficient options for each type of bark collar. There’s no need for you to buy something you’ll regret using.


The most important thing you need to consider is if the product you intend on buying is safe. You don’t want a malfunctioning bark collar putting your dog in danger.

Thankfully, you can confirm the product is safe by making sure the company is associated with either the PETT (Partnership for Electronic Training Technology) or ECMA (Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association).

Both of these associations are around to ensure the safety of bark collars and products like them. Furthermore, getting a bark collar with a warranty is another way to ensure the safety of the product. See, a product with a warranty conveys the company stands behind its quality.

Also, reading customer reviews can go far in assuring you of a product’s effectiveness. After all, a company can hide behind a warranty, but they can hide from their customers.


To ensure your bark collar’s effectiveness, make sure you buy an appropriated sized bark collar. You don’t want to purchase one and then find out it’s either bigger or smaller than needed.

Most companies design their bark collars for specially sized dogs and provide size charts to ensure you don’t make a mistake. They do this for your convenience, and it’s something you should use to your advantage.

Additionally, there’s a reason companies give you a manual. So, please read the manual to ensure you're using the bark collar correctly.  Too many times these companies get bad reviews because people don’t find it necessary to read instructions.

Lastly, make sure you always start on the lowest setting possible. You don’t want to increase your dog’s discomfort unless it’s necessary. And remember, don’t keep the bark collar on for long periods of time.


It’s essential you pick a bark collar that is convenient for your circumstances. As you can tell, these products come in all different sizes, shapes, and types. So, make sure the one you buy fits your particular preferences.

Whether you prioritize adjustable levels or being waterproof, you need to understand what you want out of your bark collar before buying. It ensures a positive experience will come out of using one.

And you need to consider what features you want such as a handle held remote that comes with most static shock collars. This experience needs to have every chance of being positive and figuring out what you want beforehand makes this a reachable goal.

Any Requirements of Bark Collar for my Small Dog?

How do Bark Collars work

If you're looking for a bark collar for a small dog, there aren’t any additional requirements to consider before purchasing one. Although, I’d personally stay away from the static shock variety just in case something freaky happens.

But one thing you need to make a note of is the companies individually make collars for certain sized dogs. Therefore, when looking for a bark collar, make sure it says it’s appropriate for a smaller dog.

After all, there’s a reason these companies put “for small dogs” in the product description. I know, these classifications are non-descriptive, but most bark collars either specify an appropriate weight range or have a size chart.

With this in mind, don’t get a bark collar for a medium dog because it has an additional feature you’d love that you couldn’t find on a small dog bark collar. It could be a disaster, or end up with you wasting money on a product that doesn’t fit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Below, we’ll answer some questions people tend to have regarding bark collars. Hopefully, this section will help you feel more informed about your decision of whether or not to purchase one.

How to test bark collar?

It depends on the model you purchase. Regardless, they’ll be instructions in the manual on how you can test it out before using the model.

For example, the SportDog bark collar has the steps laid out entirely on their website. With any bark collar in this article, you’ll find similar web pages for each one.

Honestly, no reputable company will allow their collars out in the world without informing their customers on how to use/test them.

Do bark collar really work for whining?

No, bark collars do not work for whining dogs. See, a bark has a different vocal pitch than a whine. Therefore, the bark detection mechanism will not pick it up.

So, you’d end up wasting money on a bark collar to fix a problem that it’s incapable of fixing. It’s essential you realize this because companies will insist their bark collars can curb whining. In reality, they can’t.

I wrote the post to discuss about this question, you can read: 

Will my dog need to wear a bark collar forever?

The short answer is no. Once the bark collar has done its job, you should switch back to the collar you were using before. Honestly, a bark collar is an extreme measure that needs to be used as minimal as possible.

Think about it like this, would enjoy getting punished for doing a basic instinct? For example, what if you got shocked, every time you yawned? Personally, that’s not something I’d enjoy.

Are bark collars safe? Cruel?

Bark collars are perfectly safe. However, this stimulation isn’t something your dog’s going to like. If it didn’t hurt them, there would be no reason for your dog to stop barking.

But there haven’t been any reports or deaths attributed to the use of a bark collar. And considering bark collars are meant to be a short-term product, there’s no reason to worry about long-lasting damage.

In other words, it’s an extreme measure to curb unwanted behavior and shouldn’t be looked at as a first option. In fact, these collars should be a last resort.

How effective are bark collars?

Depends on the model, but, it tends to vary. Often, the ones that rely on noise are vastly ineffective. However, the spray bark collar has shown to be in some cases as effective as the electronic collars.

But overall, the electronic bark collars are the ones proven to work the best. Obviously, they're the most effective because they offer the worst consequence for the barking. They make your dog fear their ability to communicate rather than curbing it. 


With all this information about bark collars, you should have no problem deciding whether or not you’re going to use them in your dog’s training.

If you do decide you want a bark collar, you have been provided with all the information needed to make sure you buy the best bark collar for your circumstances.

After all, the models in this article represent the best bark collars on the market. I’m sure one of them will fit your dog’s need, no matter their circumstances.

But remember; seek out the best bark collar that makes you feel the most comfortable. You don’t want to buy one and end up never using it.

Best Bark Collars 2018 – Buyer’s Guide
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