Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Tongue Out?

Close-up of a dog sleeping with its tongue out

Have you ever noticed your dog sleeping with their tongue out? It’s quite common for dogs to sleep with the tip of their tongue sticking out, or even with a large part of their tongue dangling out of their mouth. The good news is that sleeping with their tongue out is perfectly normal behavior for …

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Why Do Dogs Smell Good When They Sleep?

A dog sleeping on a blanket

Ok, we’re going to be honest, we were more than a little sceptical when we heard people talking about their dogs smelling good when they sleep. It’s a popular question on sites like Quora and Reddit, but surely people are just imagining it? After all, why would sleeping make a dog smell noticeably different? Well, …

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Why Do Dogs Sleep More When It Rains? (4 Good Reasons!)

A dog sleeping by a window as it rains outside

Have you noticed your dog sleeping more when it’s raining? It might seem strange to connect the weather outside with how much a dog sleeps inside, but there is a connection. In fact, there are actually 4 good reasons (and 2 popular myths!) to explain why dogs sleep more when it rains. Read on to …

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Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails In Their Sleep?

A dog wagging its tail in its sleep

You’re sat on the sofa enjoying a cup of coffee while your dog snoozes on the rug by your feet. Everything is calm and quiet. You might even be enjoying the smell of your dog sleeping. But then the silence is broken by a strange noise… *Thud*… *Thud*… *Thud*… You look down to see your …

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Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

Dog sleeping with bum facing the camera

Relaxing alongside your dog can be a calming and enjoyable experience that brings you and your pet closer together. Whether it’s sitting in a cosy room while your dog has a snooze or cuddling up next to your dog for a nap on the sofa, it’s nice to feel close to your dog and see …

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Best Reflective Dog Collars

Reflective dog collar on a dog bone pattern background

Every dog owner knows the importance of having a dog collar for their pet. Not only is a collar used to attach a leash, but it also shows that the dog has an owner. A reflective dog collar is perfect for you if you want your four-legged friend to feel safe when walking at night. …

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Pinch Collars: Why Pinch Collars Are Bad

Dog pinch collar on dog bone background

Pinch collars – also known as choke collars, poke collars or prong collars – are a type of dog collar that tighten around the dog’s neck, inflicting pain. The theory is that pinch collars can be used as a training tool, with the discomfort caused by the pinch collar being used to train the dog …

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Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Devices

Ultrasonic Bark Control Device

Ultrasonic dog bark control devices use high frequency sounds to train a dog to stop barking. There are many different types of ultrasonic bark stoppers on the market and different products work in different ways. One key difference is that some devices detect barking and automatically play the sound, while others require the dog owner …

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Best Inflatable Dog Collars

Dog wearing an inflatable collar on a dog bone background

Uh oh. Your dog landed himself in the dreaded “cone of shame” and you have to keep him from licking. They might have an injury or a bad habit, like chewing on their paws. Or maybe it’s not their fault at all – dogs that just had their spay or neuter surgery need to keep …

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Can You Use a Shock Collar on a Puppy?

Puppy on a dog bone background

We’re often asked whether it is ok to use a shock collar on a puppy. Or at what age it becomes ok to start using a shock collar on your dog. The answer is that we don’t recommend using shock collars on puppies or on dogs of any age. Shock collars deliver painful electric shocks …

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Does a Bark Collar Work For Whining?

Barking or whining dog on a dog bone background

There are two main types of bark collar available: electric bark collars and citronella bark collars. In this article, we look at both types of bark collar and find out whether they work for whining and barking. Let’s start with electric bark collars, then move on to citronella bark collars next. Electric Bark Collars Electric …

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How Many Volts in a Dog Shock Collar?

Electric shock dog collar

The number of volts used by different types of dog shock collar varies considerably. However, many types of dog shock collar deliver electric shocks in the thousands of volts – possibly up to 6000 volts. At Dogtelligent, we believe dog shock collars are cruel and do not recommend their use. Regardless of the voltage, all …

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Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Rolled Leather Dog Collar on a dog bone background

A collar is a vital accessory that every dog owner needs. Without a collar, it can be difficult to identify your dog in case it gets lost. You may also be unable to take your furry friend for a walk without a collar. There are different types of dog collars in the market including flat …

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