Introducing the Connected Collar

Re-imagined like no other dog product! 

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Connected Collar

The only smart collar with Virtual Fence & Leash Technology 

Every Moment Matters

Enabled GPS using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Cellular (optional) features allows you to monitor your dog data and overall health & wellness from basically everywhere in the world.

Mobile data syncing

Sensors in the Connected CollarTM monitor your pet's activities 24/7 and sends updates and key insights to your device.


The Connected CollarTM is waterproof, shockproof, ruggedized - made for dogs that are...well, dogs!

Longest battery life in industry

The longest rechargeable battery life (7-14 days) of any smart dog collar device with this combination of features. No seriously, it is.

Your Personal Guardian Angel

Keep your dog safe, even when you can’t be there. 24/7 monitoring with instant
notification and real-time location.

Improve life with DogTelligent


Our Patent Pending Virtual Fence & Leash Technology coupled with ultrasonic frequency micro-speakers and vibration technologies are perfect for anti-barking and commands like sit, stay, roll over.

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Activity Monitoring

Integrated accelerometer monitors your dog's activity levels to keep your dog healthy. We help you strike the right balance of rest and exercise for your dog's age and breed.

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Share photos and tips with friends and the DogTelligent community. See who has the biggest paws and goofiest smiles! Log medications and create reminders for you or your sitter.

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Dog Profile

DogTelligent does more than provide real-time monitoring of your pet's health and activities. The All-in-one DogTelligent app has everything you need as a dog owner.

  • Daily Activity Record
  • Track Progress & Create Goals
  • Compare Dog Data
  • Head's Up Reminders
  • Activates an Array of Connected Dog Products (stay tuned!)

Vet Records

Keep full records and vaccination history for quick and easy access. Set reminders for flea medicine, grooming and anything else specific to your dog's routines and needs. Share easily with anyone you want.

Primary Vet

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Current Medications

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Dec 1,2014
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Vaccination Records

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